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Brittany Hulin

As a dedicated Digital Marketing Specialist with over 7 years of progressive experience, Brittany Hulin excels in elevating brand awareness and driving growth through strategic digital marketing initiatives. Her expertise lies in lead generation, analytics, and social media strategies, consistently exceeding performance targets. Brittany has a proven track record of enhancing social media presence, orchestrating effective digital campaigns, and crafting innovative strategies to amplify ROI and fortify brand identity.
Leveraging analytics, she ensures precision in strategy adjustments and enhances cross-channel engagement, leading digital transformation with robust digital marketing strategies.

Key Competencies:


  • Social Media Strategy: Develops and implements comprehensive social media strategies to align with brand objectives and drive audience engagement.

  • Brand Visibility: Elevates brand visibility through strategic social media and content marketing.

  • Paid Media Management: Manages and optimizes paid social campaign budgets, exceeding client KPIs through strategic planning and execution.

  • Digital Advertising: Optimizes digital ad spend, achieving an increase in ROI through targeted campaigns.

Brittany's passion for digital marketing and strategic approach ensures that brands not only reach their target audience but also foster meaningful connections and achieve high ROI.


In addition to her client engagements, Brittany channels her creativity into curating content for her fashion blog, embarking on adventures to new locales, or embracing the rejuvenating practice of Pilates.

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Holly, Owner of The Garden District Co.

"Brittany was instrumental in increasing my online presence and getting my business in front of the right customers. She is always available, professional, and willing to help with anything and everything. Hire Brittany today to grow your business and have constant support in the process!"
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