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Courtney Sanchez

Courtney Sanchez

With a decade-long track record of success, Courtney brings expertise in campaign development, social media content creation, and overall business growth. In her role, Courtney excels at crafting and executing holistic marketing strategies across diverse channels and touchpoints. 


In her role, Courtney excels in driving business development initiatives, collaborating with clients to pinpoint opportunities, forge strategic alliances, and boost brand presence in highly competitive markets. 


With a degree in Economics and a digital media and marketing certification from Duke University, Courtney thrives on innovating campaigns that captivate audiences, drive engagement, and fuel expansion.


In both the business world and beyond, Courtney is always ready for a new adventure, especially with her son. She loves traveling to new places, savoring diverse cuisines, and values the little moments in life. 

Kalena, Artistic Director for City of Cheyenne

Courtney's quality of work is spoken for in the data and successes of our brand, publicly in the comments of our social media presence, our ticket sales, our visual presentations, and our Fridays on the Plaza crowds. Everything that carries our logo, she has contributed to with brilliant ideas, fresh perspectives, calculated risks, professionalism and the highest caliber of work ethic.
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